A Day of DSV

by Shannon Beckham

Videos by Shannon Beckham, Colleen Chung, and Sid Gopinath.

During our recent visit to IDEO, Duke alumna and business developer, Misa Misono, proudly introduced us to one of the company’s latest creations: Spark. The memory-sharing app combines Vine’s video concept with Instagram-like filters and a sleek user interface to produce 45-second personal videos.

I immediately downloaded the Spark Camera, excited to test out the app’s features after just learning about IDEO’s innovative design process. With the tap of a finger, I recorded scenes on the go, swiped through the eleven featured filters, and uploaded a song from my phone’s music library. The editing process was simple, accurate, and even color-coded.

Spark has inspired us to creatively document our experiences while in the Silicon Valley. The videos below show the routines and highlights of the lives of DSV students. Studying in class, running on trails in Mountain View, visiting disruptive companies, and grilling burgers with friends — Spark has captured it all.

This is “A Day of DSV.”



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